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Medical Contents

Our team of professionals specialized in medical writing makes Ingenio de Contenidos a reliable provider of contents of high scientific quality.

We have has been in charge of the creation of medical texts aimed both at Primary Care professionals as well as other specialties (Psychiatry, Gynecology, Dermatology, Nephrology, Pharmacy, etc.), to patients and the general public, commissioned by different publishers and pharmaceutical marketing companies.

Some end clients of these works: Abbott (Gynecology, Nephrology, Nutrition, Ophthalmology); Almirall (Psychiatry); Alter (Generics); AstraZeneca (Cardiovascular); Bristol-Myers Squibb (Endocrinology, Vascular); Faes Farma (Gynecology); Janssen-Cilag (Psychiatry); Pfizer (Nephrology, Urology); Servier (Rheumatology, Gynecology); Shering-Plough (Pediatrics, Allergies); etc.

Medical Writing

  • Articles. Development of the contents (texts, pull-quotes, and graphics) and writing the articles in Spanish based on original documentation in Spanish, English, French or Russian.
  • Posters. Structuring and writing of the contents, proposal and elaboration of the illustrations (artist: Víctor Secades).
  • Manuals. Documentation, structuring and writing of the contents necessary for the elaboration of guides and manuals.
  • Continuing Education Courses. In print and on-line:
    • Elaboration of the contents or revision and structuring of texts elaborated by other authors.
    • Coordination of the authors.
    • Proposal of the, animated, and spoken images (online courses).
    • Creation of evaluation exercises.
    • Bibliography mentioned in the text.
    • Inclusion of hyperlinks (online courses).
    • Development of the relevant specifications for the computing team (design and programming)-
    • Voice segments.
    • Management of accreditation from the relevant institutions.
  • Scripts for scientific videos.
  • Opinion polls. Questionnaire development.
  • Project proposals and writing.

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Scientific Translation

We translation scientific and popular health works from English, French, and Russian into Spanish.

In addition to our competitive rates, the fundamental characteristics of our translation jobs are, without a doubt, their rigor and punctuality.

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Coverage of Scientific Conferences, Symposia, and Programs

The team headed by Sara Gutiérrez and Eva Orúe has over three years of experience in the scientific and journalistic coverage of national and international conferences and symposia.

Scientific Coverage:

  • Attendance of the conferences with the goal of:
      • Recording the sound and, if relevant, the image of the talks.
      • Identify the most notable points in the expositions.
      • To interview the indicated speakers for the client.
      • To take photos of the event and the speakers.
  • Working languages: Spanish, English, French, Russian, and Catalan.
  • Writing of abstracts of the talks in Spanish. Adapted to the length set by the client.
  • Elaboration in Spanish of the interviews.

Journalistic Coverage:

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How We Work


Education courses

On-line courses

Medical writing

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Team director:
Doctor Sara Gutiérrez

I am a doctor in medicine and surgery, and a specialist in ophthalmology. With my Bachelor Thesis (Oviedo, 1986): "Medical treatment of senile cataract. Clinical trial of the Bendazac Lysine Salt" I obtained the qualification of outstanding, and with my thesis (Oviedo, 1994): "Retinitis pigmentosa: comparative study of the method and results of treatment in Spain and the Soviet Union" I received a doctorate Cum laude rating unanimously. I also obtained the Extraordinary Prize of Medicine University of Oviedo (1995).

I practiced as a general practitioner before specializing in ophthalmology (Kharkiv, Ukraine [1989-1992] and Moscow, Russia [1992-1995], homologated qualification in Spain [1996]). I am a career civil servant (Facultative Body of Health, on voluntary leave), and advised the Asturian Association of Affected Retinitis Pigmentosa (1993-1995).

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